How does it work

Cutting, sealing, welding, splicing, joining, bonding, laminating, slitting

How does it work

Ultrasonic systems allow to cut and weld the edge of fabric in one single operation !

Our technology is based on the piezoelectric principle, to transform an electrical signal in mechanical vibration. 
4 elements are needed :

  • An ultrasonic generator to control and provide energy to the ultrasonic head.
  • A mechanical unit composed with a Converter, a Booster and a Sonotrode / Horn, to perform the cutting sealing operations.


  1. The utlrasonic generator converts the power supply (100-250 Volts, 50-60 Hz) into a 20 to 30 kHz, 800-1000 Volts electrical signal. This signal is applied to piezo-electrical ceramics (included in the converter) that will convert this signal into mechanical oscillations
  2. These oscillations will be amplified by the booster and converter, thus creating a hammer. The converter converts electricity into high frequency mechanical vibration. The active elements are usually piezoelectrics ceramics. The booster (optional) serves as an amplitude transformer. Amplitude magnification or reduction is achieved by certain design features or the geometrical shape of the booster.
  3. The sonotrode, or horn, is the active part of the ultrasonic unit. It is in contact with the fabric and acts as a hammer against the counter-tool. This system will enable to melt the fibers within the fabric by mechanical action only (hammering), enabling to obtain a very clean and flexible melting without any burning or color change. The sonotrode and counter-tool design will be adapted to the operation to be performed.