Device type

Range of ultrasonic equipment for continuous cutting, welding and sealing of PP-tapes fabrics, textiles, nonwovens, plastics


Ultrasonic track sealing followed by an ultrasonic cutting

Ultrasonic combined cutting for PP woven fabrics weaving looms

Ultrasonic edge cutting and sealing of woven fabrics


Ultrasound combined cutting for edges reinforcement

Complete ultrasonic benches to be installed downstream a production line


Handheld device for ultrasonic shape cutting or spot welding


Handheld device for ultrasonic straight cutting operations

Stand alone system for ultrasonic press welding or press cutting


Ultrasonic equipment for cross and circle cutting machines

Ultrasonic generators for integrators or machine manufacturers

Ultrasonic transducer and booster components for OEM

Ultrasonic horns for textile cutting, plastic welding or food cutting