10th World FIBC Congress

Decoup+ at World FIBC Congress

10th World FIBC Congress

Decoup+ presentation during the Congress

During her presentation on Tuesday 2nd, Sylvie Montagne spoke about how to ensure FIBC industry with high quality products thanks innovative ultrasonic cutting-sealing or welding technology?

Main concern of the FIBC industry is to offer your customers a high level of satisfaction whilst keeping the original properties of your fabrics (suppleness, colour, resistance) after any cutting-sealing or welding operation.

The usual issues of fraying, burning, fading have been solved thanks ultrasonic technology which can be applied at each step of the manufacturing process. As final products are constantly offering more technicity, let’s now go further and talk about technical innovations aiming at constantly offering new solutions and technical advance.

For more information about Decoup+'s solutions, feel free to contact us by phone +33 (0) 477 29 36 70 or e-mail decoup@spoolex.com

You need more technical information about ultrasonic technology? Don't miss the future presentation of DECOUP+ during the next Congress...