New generator

New i-Novus LP generator by Decoup+

New generator

i-Novation by Decoup+

After several months of serious and successful test period, we are proud to propose you, our new optimised generator, the

i-Novus LP

Our engineers have combined system redesign and latest version of electronic components, to offer more process stability and even more comfort of use!
The i-Novus LP will now replace definitively our M75 generator

What's new?
  • More compact and stable structure: no fall risk
  • Modern design
  • New reset button on the front face: for easier access
  • Up-to-date components: offering even more stability and more technical evolution possibilities
  • Detachable cables: for easier shifting and maintenance
  • Several ultrasonic cable lengths: 4, 6, 8, 10 m or more...
  • High performance internal fan cooling system: to be applied in all climate conditions
  • One single normalised connector for the converter and two versions for the cable: right-angle rotable connector or axially aligned

And always, complying CE & CEM norms