Continuous direct cutting

This technology consists in a continuous ultrasonic cutting and welding in one single pass

Ultrasonic cutting and welding system
Ultrasonic cutting and welding system for pin tenters
Longitudinal ultrasonic cutting of ribbons or labels
Ultrasonic device for continuous ribbons cutting and sealing operations
Ultrasounds slitting of Technical textile, Textile fabrics, Industrial textiles
Affordable ultrasonic direct cutting operation for dense and heavy fabrics up to 300 g/sqm (fabrics for big bags, agrotextiles, geotextiles, carpet backing…)
Ultrasonic edge cutting and welding of woven fabrics
Ultrasonic direct cutting and sealing to cut and seal the edges of fabric
Ultrasonic equipment for cutting and welding of heavy fabrics
Ultrasonic direct cutting to replace the mechanical cutting and hot sealing of the edges
Ultrasonic unit for sun protection fabrics cutting table
Ultrasonic direct cutting and welding to cut and seal the edges of fabric up to 250 g/sqm fabric, at 60 m/min running speed with very good sealing results
Ultrasonic manual cutting on off-line machines
Ultrasonic manual cutting on stenters, inspection and off-line machines