T ultrasonic manual cutter

Handheld T 300 W device for ultrasonic straight cutting operations on table

This handheld device is compact and ergonomic. It is also easy to move and handle thanks to its foot plate with needle roller bearings. Use our ultrasonic cutter and perform safety ultrasonic cutting operations on all your synthetic textiles, nonwovens products, etc. Finally, to cover different cutting needs, our T 300 W is proposed in 2 configurations depending on your product :

  • Standard configuration for ultrasonic cutting of all types of textiles and nonwovens
  • Specific configuration to ease fabric penetration and avoid burning and overthickness: adapted  to ultrasonic cutting of « Screen » or product with plastic

As a flexible device, the change between these 2 configurations is really easy. Just change the sonotrode and the tool to switch between standard and specific configuration!

The ultrasonic technology used is well adapted to quick and easy cutting with consistent quality results. Indeed, direct ultrasonic cutting technology is used to obtain in only one single pass, clean, strong and sealed edges, without fraying, burning or overthickness.

Then, to perform a manual but very straight cut, we propose in option, a “U” groove track.

Ultrasonic cutting device applications

This ultrasonic cutter is adapted to all cutting on table operations in : sun protection, bedding, industry, clothing, furnishing, hygiene, etc.

*Ultrasonic technology can be used only on synthetic textiles (with a minimum of synthetic fibers), thermoplastics or any thermo-fusible product. To be sure, don’t hesitate to contact us for ultrasonic cutting trials

  • 2 configurations:
    • Standard: flat sonotrode and sharpened tool
    • Specific: sharpened sonotrode with flat tool
  • Our device can be mounted on automatic cross cutting table
  • Various cutting tools and sonotrode angles
Technical information
  • Power: 300W
  • Supply: 220 V
  • Weight: 2.1 kg
  • Ultrasonic generator: 300W (with power and time delays adjustements)
  • Guarantee: 1 year parts and labor
  • Ultrasonic technology: Ultrasonic direct cutting process
Spare parts and accessories

For your spare parts or accessories orders, feel free to contact our spare parts team directly by phone +33 4 77 29 36 70 or e-mail : sav-decoup@spoolex.com

  • Spare parts: use the parts drawing provided with your T ultrasonic cutting device
  • Accessories available:
    • 10 m ultasonic cable (maximum)
    • “U” groove track for a perfect straight ultrasonic cutting