Mini press

Ultrasonic press cutting or welding on plastic and textile

Our Mini Press is a versatile workstation. Thanks to various tools and sonotrodes, this device can be used as press cutting machine or as ultrasonic welding machine. Moreover, it performs easy and quick operations with consistent results quality. This sturdy, compact and movable equipment allows to obtain clean edges without fraying, but also, clean and resistant welding without additional material such as glue or staples! Our Mini press is mainly used to perform various press operations such as:

  • Narrow ultrasonic sealing on different types of synthetic textiles, velcro®, plastics…
  • Cutting on straps, velcro®, ribbons…
  • Punching on ribbons, straps, plastics…
  • Marking on synthetic textiles

Ultrasonic Mini press applications:

Our press cutting and welding machine is adapted to small and medium size series in sun protection, clothing, ribbons, medical, packaging applications.

*Ultrasonic technology can be used only on synthetic textiles (with a minimum of synthetic fibers), thermoplastics or any thermo-fusible product. To be sure, don’t hesitate to contact us for trials.


Our ultrasonic Mini press has been specialy designed to combine different advantages like versatility, rigidity, precision:

  • Easy interchangeable tools to change quickly from cutting to welding, marking, punching
  • Maximum working width: 60 mm
  • Various cutting tools and sonotrodes / horns
  • Control foot pedal for an easy use
Technical information
  • Power: 300W
  • Supply: 220 V
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Ultrasonic generator: 300W (with power and time delays adjustments)
  • Guarantee : 1 year parts and labor
  • Ultrasonic technology : Ultrasonic press cutting – Ultrasonic press welding
Spare parts and accessories

For your spare parts or accessories orders, feel free to contact our spare parts team directly by phone +33 4 77 29 36 70 or e-mail :

  • Spare parts: use the parts drawing provided with your Mini Press
  • Accessories available:
    • Cutting, welding or marking width up to 60 mm
    • Ultrasonic welding patterns on request
    • Ultrasonic cutting tools angles on request