Ultrasonic slitting on machines

Ultrasonic slitting on machines

Decoup+ offers versatile solutions for ultrasonic slitting on machines. You need a solution for edge trimming and/or center slitting on your machine? We get the adapted device!

Specially designed for an easy installation, our ultrasonic devices can be fitted on any stenters, inspection or slitting machines, etc. However, we can also design and manufacture complete benches, depending on your needs. Our ultrasonic technology is reliable. It offers numerous advantages. For instance, it will enable you to obtain clean, resistant cut with consistent quality results.  Consequently, your edges will be sealed, without burnings, overthicknesses or frayings. Then, we propose different powers (300 or 1 200 W), depending on your required resistance and speed specifications. Thanks to our complete range of devices, get strong and durable finished products on any existing machine.

Ultrasonic slitting on machines applications

Our equipment are well adapted for continuous cutting in: sun protection, cutting of PP woven tapes, or all your slitting operations on technical textiles, agrotextiles and nonwovens.

*Ultrasonic technology can be used only on synthetic textiles (with a minimum of synthetic fibers), thermoplastics or any thermo-fusible product. To be sure, don’t hesitate to contact us for ultrasonic cutting or welding trials.


These equipment for machine integration are designed to work as:

  • Simple device to be integrated on existing machine
  • Complete bench

They are equipped with:

  • cooling system to maintain a constant temperature of the sealing point
  • connections to machine

Then, they are designed to work from medium to high speed, depending on fabric characteristics.

Technical information
  • Power: 300W or 1200W
  • Supply: 220 V
  • Generator inluded: 300W or 1 200W (with power and time delays adjustments)
  • Guarantee : 1 year parts and labor
  • Ultrasonic technology: Ultrasonic direct cutting
Spare parts and accessories

For your spare parts or accessories orders, feel free to contact our spare parts team directly by phone +33 4 77 29 36 70 or e-mail : sav-decoup@spoolex.com

  • Spare parts: use the parts drawing provided with your MK or MP device