Handheld solutions

Ultrasonic welder and cutter solutions

More than 40 years’ expertise in ultrasonic technology

Decoup+ launched its first range of ultrasonic welder and cutter in 1975. Since then, our devices are used in several final make-up applications. Our solutions are flexible and versatile. They will allow you to realize ultrasonic cutting or ultrasonic welding operations, without any additional material. Compact and ergonomic, we propose handheld devices such as our Pistol or our T ultrasonic cutter for example. But we also propose  individual workstation like our MiniPress or our welding station…

Ultrasonic cutting allows to obtain clean cut, without fraying, burning or overthickness. Thus, the final product can be used without any other operation.

Ultrasonic welding is an easy and quick process. First of all, it avoids using joining product such as glue, rivets, or staples… It also presents the same advantages as the ultrasonic cutting and allows to keep the fabric original properties.