Special devices

Ultrasonic special devices

Know-hows synergy

On the one hand, Decoup+ has a strong expertise in ultrasonic technology. On the other hand, Calemard, our sister brand, designs and manufactures slitter rewinders since 1955. As a result, by combining the skills of these 2 brands, our engineering department has developed special equipment adapted to specific operations. For example, we have developed ultrasonic forging and continuous ultrasonic welding solution, also called splicing.

Ultrasonic forging: our BMT range of solutions for continuous edge cutting and reinforcement on existing machines. These easy to install devices are proposed with 2 ultrasonic cutting techologies depending on your resistance needs.

Ultrasonic splicing: continuous ultrasonic welding process allowing to join together 2 webs of product. Thus, we propose 2 splicing technologies depending on your resistance needs. Finally, our equipment are available either in complete bench or in module for integration on existing machine.